Planning your wedding can be fun.
It sure can, and it sure should. You take care of the things that bring you joy, leave the rest up to me.
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Your wedding should feel like you.
Your favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite drinks, favorite people...all of your favorites.
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Celebrating your love should make you excited.
Your heart will be full waking up on your wedding day and you will be excited and at ease that everything will be perfect.
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You get to enjoy every moment of your wedding.
You already have spent so much time thinking about your day and there are more things ahead, let's make sure you are present on the big day.
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Your day should be a meaningful celebration.
Let's build your day around choosing to spend forever with your person & partner for life
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You can enjoy being engaged.
These moments right now are something to cherish - go on extra date nights and celebrate your love.
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I am so excited to have you here!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a Maine & New England wedding planner! Now is an amazing time to be in this world and committing to the person who you have chosen to be with forever… and maybe even take over the world with! Be sure to cherish each moment throughout your entire wedding planning process because it will fly by.

If you want someone you can trust to worry about making your day come together & some time to allow yourself to really soak in being engaged, you have landed at the right place. My expertise is in the details and making sure your wedding day is more beautiful than you imagined. I cannot wait to get to know you and hear about all of your wedding excitements, worries, and goals.


photo credit: Greta Tucker

Kind words from past clients.

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